Forcepoint’s George Kamis: Military Should Operationalize Data With Cross-Domain Technologies

George Kamis
George Kamis

George Kamis, chief technology officer for global governments and critical infrastructure at Forcepoint, wrote in an opinion piece published Thursday how cross-domain technologies could help the U.S. military operationalize and make data available at all classification levels and to international mission partners.

“Cross-domain technologies closely inspect, transform and monitor data transfers, ensuring only correct and authorized information crosses systems and networks at different security levels,” Kamis wrote. “Without cross-domain technology, networks with different classification levels remain separate.”

He noted that such technologies will serve as a foundation of the military’s internet of things and are considered “non-negotiable” in this age of digital transformation.

“Cross-domain technologies also allow crucial transfers to take place without leaving the tactical edge, ensuring military officers and others receive the information they need to make the best strategic decisions they can,” Kamis added.

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