Lisa Gordon-Hagerty: NNSA’s FY 2020 Funding Request to Help Improve Nuclear, Radiological Security

Lisa Gordon-Hagerty
Lisa Gordon-Hagerty

Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, wrote in an article published Monday on Defense News that NNSA requested over $2B in fiscal 2020 funds to support its nuclear nonproliferation, counterterrorism and counterproliferation programs.

“This critical funding will allow NNSA to leverage our unique technical expertise and unparalleled scientific capabilities to develop new solutions to improve nuclear and radiological security,” she wrote.

Gordon-Hagerty said the budget request will also help the agency recapitalize the Department of Energy’s Radiological Assistance Program equipment and planes used to carry out radiation measurements to safeguard safety and public health as well as build up partnerships with industry partners and international agencies to enhance the security of facilities.

She also mentioned the efforts of DOE and NNSA to secure nuclear and radioactive materials, including the disposition of over 440 kilograms of excess highly enriched uranium in FY 2019 and recovery of over 1.2M curies of disused radioactive sources.

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