RAND Report: DoD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Needs Five-Year Roadmap to Scale AI


A RAND Corp. report says the Department of Defense has yet to provide the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center with sufficient resources, authorities and visibility to allow AI to make its impact across DoD.

RAND said Tuesday the Pentagon’s AI strategy lacks metrics and baselines to evaluate progress and faces several challenges, including the lack of data and clear measures to further develop the AI skills of employees.

“The success of Deep Learning is currently predicated on the availability of large, labeled data sets. Pursuing AI on a department-wide scale will require DoD to fundamentally transform its culture into a data-enabled one,” said Danielle Tarraf, the report’s lead author and a senior information scientist at RAND.

The study presents 11 tactical and strategic recommendations to advance AI adoption, including the need for JAIC to come up with a five-year strategic roadmap to implement the mission of scaling AI and for DoD to advance the practice of testing and verification of AI platforms in collaboration with academia and industry.

The report assesses how DoD works to build, test and sustain AI-related technologies and frames its evaluation based on three categories of the department’s AI applications: enterprise AI, operational AI and mission-support AI apps.

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