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SOFWERX Tests Human-Machine Teaming Tech for Battlefield Operations

A prototyping unit operated by U.S. Special Operations Command and nonprofit firm DEFENSWERX has launched an experimentation effort focused on deploying next-generation technology for human-machine interaction in the battlefield, Defense One reported Wednesday.

Brian Andres, chief technology officer for SOFWERX, said at a Defense One event that the innovation unit's Hyper-Enabled Operator Concept initiative saw teams test a “physiological analysis tool” that works to help troops receive and interpret information for psychological operations.

Researchers for SOFWERX also partnered with engineering startup Pison Technology to develop a glove that can transmit signals and virtually manipulate air control systems. In addition, the team is working on an “autonomous bio-infused treatment shirt” that provides biophysical information on its user, including respiratory and pulse rate, to support medical operations in the battlefield.

Other SOFWERX projects currently underway include voice command technology designed to operate with drones.

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