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USAID Plans Early 2020 Release for First Digital Strategy

The U.S. Agency for International Development plans to implement cybersecurity evaluation metrics for contractors as part of its first digital strategy scheduled for release in early 2020, Fifth Domain reported Tuesday.

Michelle Parker, senior policy advisor for the Center for Digital Development at USAID, said the agency intends to evaluate its contractors’ data and privacy policies as well as the operations of their respective chief data, information and information security officers. USAID will also require contractors to identify technologies they intend to use for projects and provide details on potential vulnerabilities and actions for risk mitigation, she noted.

In addition, USAID plans to assess data privacy and cybersecurity standards that comply with U.S. as well as European laws. According to Parker, the agency is meeting regularly with entities like the departments of Homeland Security and State for further recommendations and potential frameworks.

“Moving forward this is going to be a significant change in how we do business,” she said. “For everything digital, we now need to think about how do we secure information and how do we protect the privacy of our beneficiaries.”

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