DOE Names Location of New Nuclear Physics Facility; Dan Brouillette Quoted

Dan Brouillette
Dan Brouillette

The Department of Energy has selected a New York-based national laboratory to house a new facility for nuclear physics studies. Brookhaven National Laboratory will serve as the site of the Electron Ion Collider that will explore the "strong force" phenomenon in nuclear physics, DOE said Thursday.

EIC will crush electrons to generate protons and nuclei for the study of strong force, a fundamental force that facilitates the combination of basic particles to produce bigger particles. Strong force joins weak force, gravity and electromagnetism to make up nature's fundamental forces.

“The EIC promises to keep America in the forefront of nuclear physics research and particle accelerator technology, critical components of overall U.S. leadership in science,” said Dan Brouillette, secretary of energy.

DOE expects to spend up to $2.6 billion over 10 years for the facility's construction. The department seeks to engage and work with global partners towards EIC's completion.

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