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DOT Develops Guidelines on Automated Vehicle Implementation

The Department of Transportation has created 10 principles on automated vehicle deployment to guide regulatory agencies as well as industry stakeholders, Fedscoop reported Thursday.

Elaine Chao, the transportation secretary, said at an industry event in Las Vegas that the AV 4.0 guide consolidates AV-related efforts across 38 agencies and departments as well as independent parties and executive offices. The guide builds on DOT’s AV 2.0 principles, released in 2017, and eventually its AV 3.0 follow-up.

The AV 4.0 principles call for emphasis on cybersecurity and accessibility to protect AV users and communities. They also seek to promote innovation in the AV sector, update regulations and foster collaborative efforts on standardizing policies on AV use.

“This document and set of guidelines recognize the value of private-sector leadership in AV research, development and integration,” Chao said. “This kind of innovation requires appropriate government oversight to ensure safety, open markets, strategic allocation of public resources, and of course protection of the public interest.”

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