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Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Lori Reynolds: Network Modernization a Top Priority

Lori Reynolds
Lori Reynolds

Lt. Gen. Lori Reynolds, deputy commandant for information at the U.S. Marine Corps, said she has four priorities in 2020 and the first focuses on the service’s network modernization effort, C4ISRNET reported Monday.

“Our first priority (…) is this whole idea of assured enterprise command and control — so all the work that we’re doing [is] to build and fight a modernized network,” Reynolds told reporters during a media availability Friday. She said the effort includes the integration of a more mobile cloud, adoption of artificial intelligence and a plan to bring software developers to the service.

Her three other priorities are the development of integrated naval operations in the information environment, modernization of multidomain intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and institutionalization of information as a warfighting function.

Reynolds also discussed the establishment of Marine Expeditionary Force Information Groups.

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