VA Aims to Accelerate Use of Digital Military Discharge Data; Kshemendra Paul Quoted

Kshemendra Paul

The Department of Veterans Affairs is collaborating with the Department of Defense to advance the authoritative use of a digital version of the military discharge document – DD 214 – for getting veterans services, FedScoop reported Friday. Kshemendra Paul, chief data officer at VA, told the publication VA and DoD are in the early phases of creating a DD 214 action plan.

“We’re moving toward a future state where veterans don’t need to present the DD 214,” Kshemendra Paul, chief data officer at VA, told the publication. “And it takes time to work through all the policy linkages and then to organize all the different dimensions: the IT bits, the budgeting bits, the business process reengineering bits, the work with regulations that define each of the benefits that VA offers.”

The Pentagon issues the DD 214 form upon a soldier’s discharge or retirement from any service branch. The document, which contains the veteran’s previous assignments and awards, is required for retirees seeking to secure medical benefits, loans and other services from VA.

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