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Army Completes Fit Test for T901 Engine

The U.S. Army concluded a series of tests for a model of a turboshaft engine designed for installation into the service branch's Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft, DVIDS reported Thursday.

The Aviation Turbine Engines Project Office teamed up with Boeing, General Electric's aviation business and the Apache Attack Helicopter Project Office to evaluate the human systems integration capacity and fit of the T901 engine into the AH-64E aircraft.

Prior to its installation into the Apache aircraft, the team measured a model copy of the engine and validated if the device's components are accessible and could be maintained within harsh environments.

The T901 is built to replace the T700 engine and address weight concerns on aircraft systems as part of the Improved Turbine Engine Program. The engine is currently at the engineering and manufacturing development phase and is slated to undergo a critical design review and fit tests for the Black Hawk aircraft.

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