Army Looks to Deploy Cloud, Virtual Training Tech for Combat Operations

The U.S. Army is continuing efforts to implement cloud and virtual training capabilities for battlefield missions as part of a pilot project, FCW reported Wednesday.

Ken Lorentzen, chief engineer for the Army’s program executive office for command, control and communications tactical, told the publication that virtualizing operations such as training helps the service cut costs for travel while quickening the pace of procedures.

Portia Crowe, chief data officer for the Army’s network cross-functional team within the Futures Command, noted that the cloud effort is intended to address challenges in data usability, cybersecurity and lifecycle efficiency.

“But the main reason for this tactical pilot is that we wanted to look at the [Department of Defense] cloud strategy as well as the Army cloud strategy and figure out what is the right data, where do we need that data, and when do we need that data,” she said.

The pilot effort is slated to conclude by summer but will continue as part of a multiphase initiative. Results from the project will help inform the integration of new technologies into Army systems, according to Crowe.

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