Army Saves $1.2B After Budget Reinvestment Effort; Ryan McCarthy Quoted

Ryan McCarthy
Ryan McCarthy

The U.S. Army has saved over $1.2 billion after cutting legacy programs to shift focus into addressing top modernization goals.

The Army said Wednesday it presented a list of eliminated and reduced programs during its “night court” budget assessment to address priorities under the service’s fiscal year 2021 budget proposal.

According to the service branch, it saved over $869.9 million after reducing 39 programs and 324.1 million following 41 program eliminations. The Army seeks to save $9 billion over the next five years to meet requirements under the Future Years Defense Program.

"The [fiscal 2021] budget of $178 billion will ensure the Army will remain the most lethal ground fighting force in the world now, and in the future," said Army Secretary and 2020 Wash100 winner Ryan McCarthy. According to McCarthy, precision fires are the main modernization priority for the service which is also investing over $800 million for hypersonics technology.

The Department of the Navy recently announced a similar cost evaluation effort to support its goal of reinvesting $8 billion annually or $40 billion in five years.

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