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DoE Allocates $126M for Solar Energy Studies; Dan Brouillette Quoted

Dan Brouillette
Dan Brouillette

The Department of Energy has stated that a new grant in the amount of $125.5M will be used to conduct research on solar energy technology.

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office will use the funds, the DoE said Wednesday. The new grant joins previous ones announced this month and last month, bringing the EERE’s funding for various solar and geothermal energy projects up to $463M.

“The research and development supported by this investment will build on the technological foundations necessary to continue the solar industry’s growth and preserve American energy choice, independence, and security,” said Dan Brouillette, U.S. Secretary of Energy.

Planned projects include initiatives to help the agricultural industry use solar energy, the construction of microgrids that will function after natural disasters and the production of different types of solar cells.

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