Marine Corps Issues VR Flight Simulator Tech RFI

The U.S. Marine Corps has issued a request for information to identify potential industry sources of virtual reality-based simulation platforms the military service can use in recruitment efforts to determine whether an aviation officer candidate is qualified.

Marine Corps Recruit Command is considering adopting a portable VR flight simulator technology through a partnership, lease or procurement initiative, USMC said in a notice posted Wednesday.

The military service noted that MCRC uses 30 non-VR, two-axis motion simulators in the Marine Corps Flight Officer Program. However, the branch found that the existing systems lack capability to work with off-the-shelf products when maintenace or repair is necessary and the reliability of the platforms has significantly diminished under the program's simulator model.

MCRC is looking for various VR features such as open source visual simulation, above-average scenario graphics depiction and modeling, and basic training or demonstration content and scenario development.

The command also wants equipment that can fit inside of a 15-passenger vehicle and operate with other assets through a wireless network as well as laptop computers and external display panels for recruitment events.

Interested parties have until Feb. 28 to submit responses to the RFI notice.

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