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Space Force Transfers Control of AEHF-5 Satellite to Space Ops Command

The U.S. Space Force has handed over to the Space Operations Command the authority to control a communications satellite built by Lockheed Martin.

The fifth Advanced Extremely High-Frequency satellite, or AEHF-5, is designed to deliver secure and jam-resistant communications capabilities for air, sea and ground-based military assets worldwide, the U.S. Air Force said Wednesday.

AEHF-5 also works to support connectivity in various mission areas and provide satellite communications coverage for Australia, Canada, Netherlands and the U.K. The satellite was launched in 2019 through an Atlas V 551 rocket built by United Launch Alliance.

Col. John Dukes, a senior materiel leader at Space Production Corps' Geosynchronous Orbit Division, said a team of government professionals along with the Space Force's industry partners collaborated to help transfer the satellite's control authority.

The Air Force eyes to deploy the sixth AEHF satellite through an Atlas V satellite in March.

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