AFRL Members Honored with Excellence in Technology Transfer Award

Two members of the Air Force Research Laboratory's 711th Human Performance Wing have been recognized for the technology transfer of a platform designed to manage complex communication environments.

Brian Simpson, 711 HPW sensory psychologist and 711 HPW Program Manager James Kearns were honored with the 2020 Excellence in Technology Transfer Award by the Federal Laboratory Consortium for the Technology Transfer for Multi-Modal Communication effort, the U.S. Air Force said Tuesday.

The MMC system works to help operators respond to distributed personnel from various locations and trace multiple channels of high-traffic communication. Startup company GlobalFlyte received the technology from AFRL.

“In typical command and control environments, an operator may need to monitor multiple channels of information from sources such as radios, intercoms and telephones, among others,” said Simpson.

Simpson added the team sought to find an approach that will help C2 operators work with various technologies to augment decision-making capacities.

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