DoD Eyes Commercial, Nat’l Security Transition for Space Tech Under ‘Hallmark’ Program


The Department of Defense (DoD) is coordinating with national security organizations and commercial entities as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency prepares to conclude its research and development program for space situational awareness technologies this year.

DARPA said Friday that the Hallmark program, established in 2015, is focused on efforts such as using machine learning technologies for space-based indications and warnings.

The program also covers technologies intended to visualize the threat landscape as well as artificial intelligence capabilities meant to help operators decide courses of action and respond to identified threats.

In 2017, BAE Systems received a $12.8 million contract to develop an enterprise command-and-control testbed called Space Enterprise Analysis Capability as part of the Hallmark effort. DARPA selected Ball Aerospace to conduct further assessments for SEAC last year.

Fotis Barlos, DARPA's program manager for Hallmark, said that the DoD as well as the Department of Commerce have already benefited from technologies resulting from the program.

“The Hallmark program is ending in 2020, but the technologies and processes we developed for [C2] in a contested environment will continue to yield positive results for the operational community,” he noted.

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