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DOE Unveils R&D Funding Opportunity for Isotope Production

The Department of Energy (DOE) has earmarked $16 million in funds to support research and development initiatives for isotope production. DOE seeks to yield isotopes that are in shortage or unavailable for industrial, scientific and medical purposes through the funding opportunity, the department said Tuesday.

Paul Dabbar, undersecretary for science at DOE, said the effort aims to develop processing and production approaches for rare isotopes in a move to optimize national security and the economy.

Interested nonprofit organizations, national laboratories and universities have until June 15 to submit their applications to the two-year program. The Office of Nuclear Physics eyes awards for multi-institutional partnerships and single investigators.

DOE expects to provide $8 million from fiscal year 2021 funds, while the remaining $8 million will be obligated from fiscal 2020 funds.

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