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GAO: DoD Needs Redesign Strategy for F-35 Logistics Info System

The Government Accountability Office has discovered that the Department of Defense is yet to establish a strategy for redesigning a logistics system that handles operations and maintenance activities for the F-35 fighter jet.

GAO said in a report published Monday that the Autonomic Logistics Information System⁠—which helps users manage missions, training and maintenance activities⁠—performs well and quickly processes data at the five locations the agency visited.

However, GAO found that ALIS sometimes produces inaccurate and insufficient data that may lead to challenges such as grounding flight-ready aircraft.

According to the watchdog, DoD “has not answered critical questions about the future system” and should establish performance metrics for ALIS as well as methods for determining the impact of system challenges to fleet readiness.

GAO noted that a good program strategy will help DoD "coordinate various ALIS design-improvement initiatives" that could support long-term system modernization efforts.

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