Mitre-Operated FFRDC Helps DHS Create Data Analytics Tech to Fight Human Trafficking

The Mitre-operated Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute built a dashboard for law enforcement personnel to monitor and visualize data that may indicate human trafficking activity.

HSSEDI, a federally funded research and development center, produced the analytics tool through the Department of Homeland Security's Hermes Research project, DHS said Wednesday.

The dashboard is designed to categorize activities, process data sets and display information that non-governmental organizations can also use in outreach and recovery efforts.

DHS noted the technology helped authorities manage security of the Pro Bowl event in Orlando and the Super Bowl in Miami.

The department's science and technology directorate works with HSSEDI to examine homeland security issues.

“HSSEDI, through continued S&T support, will keep providing law enforcement and NGOs with innovative analytic and visualization tools that enhance human trafficking investigations through improved situational awareness capabilities,” said Scott Randels, director of S&T’s FFRDCs.

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