Paul Cunningham on VA’s EHR Rollout, Tech Talent Recruitment

Paul Cunningham
Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham, chief information security officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs, said VA wants to learn from the Department of Defense’s experience and challenges when it comes to the deployment of electronic health records system in order to facilitate its own EHR rollout, Nextgov reported Thursday.

Cunningham told the publication he expects the department’s partnership with the Pentagon to move into the digital domain and provide VA access to the “full force of DOD protecting our network as well.”

Recruiting tech talent is a major concern facing VA and Cunningham said strengthening collaboration with the private sector could help address the problem.

“We’ve got to look at where we can partner with the private sector, for them to train people who can feed our machine and our people can feed back out in a more porous manner, so people don’t feel like they’re taking a big hit,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham shared his views on risk management and cited the need to provide employees with role-based cyber training.

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