Renee Wynn on NASA’s IT Reorganization, Customer Experience Efforts

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Renee Wynn
Renee Wynn

Renee Wynn, the retiring chief information officer at NASA, said the implementation of a new strategy aimed at improving how the agency oversees its information technology systems, resources and personnel will be one of the priorities of the next CIO, Federal News Network reported Friday.

“We are really coming along in using a blank sheet to reimagine what we should look like,” Wynn said on the network’s Ask the CIO. “Then from the July to December timeframe, they will have to write that out as an organization, put the boxes on the piece of paper, and develop the implementation plan for how do we go from our current state to the to-be state after the agency blesses the to-be state.”

She said part of the IT reorganization effort this year is to quantify the money, technology, people and other resources and noted that customer experience will be another priority for the next CIO.

“We will be assigning an individual—yet to be named—who will lead an effort across our different program areas, applications, end user support, communications and other traditional CIO areas to work across that to deliver a much better, more value-added customer experience,” she said. “I’m very excited that we got this started and not waiting until our transformation project to rethink customer experience.”

Wynn is set to retire by the end of April after three decades of federal service.