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Sean Connelly: CISA to Launch Pilot Programs on Zero-Trust Architecture

Sean Connelly
Sean Connelly

Sean Connelly, program manager for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Trusted Internet Connection initiative, said the agency has conducted pilot projects ahead of the TIC 3.0 policy’s rollout, Federal News Network reported Tuesday.

Connelly told the publication that CISA collaborated with working groups, vendors and cloud service providers to help inform the agency's plans to establish “trust zones” in government network infrastructures.

He noted that the TIC 3.0 pilot efforts are currently focused on infrastructure-based services and potential alternatives that support the zero-trust concept.

“Ideally we want to shrink that trust zone down to be as small as possible to focus on the application, to focus on identity user,” said Connelly. “But with the pilots we have right now is more focused on a larger spectrum of networks and systems.”

CISA’s TIC subcommittee plans to launch more pilots and seek proposals from agencies focused on the development of architecture risk strategies.

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