Edward Parkinson: FirstNet Attains New Milestones

Edward Parkinson
Edward Parkinson

Edward Parkinson, CEO of the First Responder Network Authority, said FirstNet has reached new milestones this week with the announcement of over 11K user organizations.

FirstNet now has coverage across the U.S. since the public safety network's initial launch three years ago, Parkinson wrote in a blog post published Tuesday.

"Now just two years into the five-year buildout of FirstNet’s dedicated Band 14 spectrum, AT&T recently announced that more than 11,000 public safety agencies and organizations are using more than 1.2 million connections," he said.

The LTE-powered network now also employs a push-to-talk feature in support of public safety communications.

"We are proud to support our men and women on the frontlines as they selflessly serve their communities," he said to conclude his blog post.

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