Guy Cavallo on SBA’s Move to Zero-Trust Framework

Guy Cavallo
Guy Cavallo

Guy Cavallo, deputy chief information officer of the Small Business Administration (SBA), told Federal News Network in an interview published Friday that SBA plans to implement a zero-trust framework to continue to develop its cybersecurity strategy and tools.

“Our next step is to take all of this to every one of the 115 different SBA locations to zero trust networking and break apart from everything being connected and once you are on the SBA network, you are trusted, to not trust anything,” he said on the network’s Ask the CIO program.

Cavallo cited how the Department of Homeland Security’s TIC and Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation programs have helped SBA advance its transition to a zero-trust model. He also discussed SBA’s pilot initiatives to test the zero-trust framework and network modernization effort as part of its transition to the new model.

“Because of the cloud tools we are using, those cloud tools will allow us, in effect, [to] be the Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) for each one of those 100-plus locations and see the same dashboards that we are seeing now through the traditional MTIPS approach. That for us will be a revolutionary change.”

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