Navy Tests Structure Resistance of Zumwalt Ship in Firing Test

USS Zumwalt
USS Zumwalt

The USS Zumwalt destroyer has completed a firing test with the Mark 46 MOD 2 naval gun system with Navy Surface Warfare Center personnel.

The structural firing demonstration took place Saturday at the Naval Air Weapons Center Weapons Division Sea Test Range in Point Mugu, Calif., the U.S. Navy said Wednesday.

The remotely operated Mark 46 tracks targets via an infrared sensor, a laser rangefinder and a low-light camera, with firing done by a 30mm cannon.

Structural firing tests aim to verify the resistance of ship components against the pressure caused by the vessel's own weapons.

“Today's event is the first in a chapter of live fire test events over the next year that will prove the lethal capability that these ships will bring to the fight,” said Lt. Cmdr. Tim Kubisak, the Zumwalt test officer.

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