Dovarius Peoples on USACE’s Data Mgmt, AI Training Efforts

Dovarius Peoples on USACE’s Data Mgmt, AI Training Efforts
Dovarious Peoples

Dovarius Peoples, chief information officer of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), said the Army component is leveraging data repositories to enable the use of artificial intelligence for geospatial-related applications, Federal News Network reported Monday.

Peoples told the publication in an interview that USACE’s missions encompass military, civil and disaster response missions that rely on communications and geospatial intelligence platforms.

“We conduct a lot of inventory and consume. We conduct a lot of inventory and use information consumed by each individual program element,” he said. “And we also use our repositories as well. That’s how we identify a lot of our authoritative data sources — through repositories for the various types of information.”

Peoples noted that USACE also intends to invest in training personnel to refine their handling of emerging technologies and procedures.

“Because if not, then that means the data strategy we’re trying to put in place will be flattened,” he added.

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