AFRL, Partners to Launch Global Quantum Competition

AFRL, Partners to Launch Global Quantum Competition

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) plans to launch a global program through which university-based teams may compete for over $1 million by pitching quantum technologies. The International Quantum U Tech Accelerator competition will have 36 teams propose quantum projects in the areas of timing, information processing, computing, sensing and communications, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base said Friday.

Eighteen teams will get the chance to pitch for opportunities virtually or in person. The Office of Naval Research, AFRL Office of Scientific Research and the laboratory's Information Directorate will provide basic research funds to the top qualifiers.

The actual event will take place from Sept. 1st through 3rd and is open to universities across the globe. The event will also feature fast-pitch sessions for parties from public, private and academic sectors. Innovare Advancement Center, and AFRL-led open innovation campus, will host the event.

“AFRL is committed to transformational areas of science and technology like quantum, and we are excited to bring together the world’s leading researchers and trailblazers across government, industry and academia,” said Brig. Gen. Heather Pringle, AFRL commander.

Interested parties may view requirements here.

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