Army Creates Expanded Cyber Unit for Multidomain, Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations

Army Creates Expanded Cyber Unit for Multidomain, Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations
Army's Cyber Unit

The U.S. Army has established a strategic operations unit as part of a reorganization effort to expand the former cyber office's functions to include joint all-domain operations.

The Army said Tuesday that the Department of the Army Management Office-Strategic Operations (DAMO-SO) repurposes the DAMO-Cyber unit’s operations and works to integrate electromagnetic spectrum elements into multidomain and data-enabled warfighting technologies.

DAMO-SO will also serve as the G-3/5/7 lead for the service branch’s warfighting transformation activities and oversee mission areas such as enterprise systems, command, space and information dominance.

According to a FedScoop report, DAMO-SO is currently focusing on deploying cloud-agnostic software to support enterprise-wide, all-domain operations. DAMO-SO’s creation comes as part of the Army’s efforts to meet modernization objectives under the Army Campaign Plan, the service noted.

Martin Klein, director of DAMO-SO, said at a media roundtable that his office will comply with the Department of Defense (DoD) chief information officer’s decision on a service provider for the unit as well as the planned DoD Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI).

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