Army-Managed Research Effort Produces New Quantum Chip Tech

Army-Managed Research Effort Produces New Quantum Chip Tech
US Army

Sandia National Laboratories and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a large quantum chip under an effort funded by Army Research Laboratory.

This development used diamond-based qubits and marks a milestone in an effort to produce scalable quantum processors, the U.S. Army said Thursday.

Fredrik Fatemi, co-manager of ARL's Center for Distributed Quantum Information, said the production of large-scale quantum devices will require high-quality qubits and corresponding transmission circuits.

“Here, the research team has demonstrated exceptional progress toward reliably manufacturing complex quantum chips with both critical elements," he said. 

The new chip's qubits function as artificial atoms that produce photons containing quantum information.

This hybrid process would require automation to accommodate the development of even larger quantum chips of the same kind, the effort's researchers noted.

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