Army Researchers Explore Noise, Security Properties of Quantum Information

Army Researchers Explore Noise, Security Properties of Quantum Information
Army Research Laboratory

The U.S. Army has discovered a new method to approach quantum information security as parties continue to leverage quantum science for advanced information applications.

The service branch said Tuesday it sees quantum paradigms as potential tools to transform, streamline, accelerate and better protect the process through which battlefield information moves.

“To engineer a useful quantum network, we need to understand how far, how fast and how reliably we could send quantum information,” said Army Research Laboratory's Michael Brodsky.

He added that the study requires researchers to understand the attributes of noise found in communication channels.

Brodsky and his team found that bad noise can undergo conversion into good noise through a tool that allows for adjustments of signal-distorting noise.

“Our research results are a step towards arming the warfighter of the future with quantum advantages and a good example of how operationalizing science results in transformational overmatch,” Brodsky noted.


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