NASA Seeks White Papers on Science Objectives for Artemis Lunar Mission

NASA Seeks White Papers on Science Objectives for Artemis Lunar Mission
Lunar Mission

NASA has asked stakeholders to submit white papers on scientific research and other activities that could be performed by astronauts as part of the first Artemis lunar landing mission in 2024.

The white papers should not exceed the maximum limit of two pages and will support a science definition team within NASA’s science mission directorate as it works to come up with science objectives for the Artemis III mission, according to a notice posted by the Universities Space Research Association’s Lunar and Planetary Institute.

LPI said the SDT will use Decadal surveys, the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group roadmap and other resources to develop the science goals for the mission.

The two astronauts on the Artemis III mission will land near the moon’s South Pole and carry out “multiple walking excursions” to collect lunar samples and perform other activities.

White papers should be submitted by Sept. 8th, and “should focus on the science objectives to be accomplished and not on instrument or technology development recommendations,” the institute said in the notice.

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