U.S. Space Force Grants U.K. Access to Space Data

U.S. Space Force Grants U.K. Access to Space Data
Space Force

The U.S. Space Force and the U.K. have formed a partnership through which the latter will receive access to U.S. space situational awareness data, C4ISRnet reported Tuesday.

The U.K.'s defense ministry will access content from USSF's Standardized Astrodynamics Algorithm Library, a compilation of data that may be used to inform trajectory predictions. The partnership aligns with Operation Olympic Defender, an alliance that aims to protect space assets through multinational collaboration.

A USSF-signed agreement under Operation Olympic Defender made the U.K. the first partner to access U.S. SAAL information. USSF plans to share SAAL access with more nations through Operation Olympic Defender.

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