NASA’s Human Exploration Directorate Completes Reorganization; Kathy Lueders Quoted

NASA’s Human Exploration Directorate Completes Reorganization; Kathy Lueders Quoted
Kathy Lueders Associate Administrator NASA

Kathy Lueders, associate administrator of NASA’s human exploration and operations (HEO), said the HEO mission directorate has completed a reorganization and received approval from NASA Associate Administrator Steve Jurczyk with regard to the move, SpaceNews reported Thursday.

“It addressed some of the concerns that folks have had and is really getting us set up for our future missions going forward,” Lueders said of the reorganization during a Washington Space Business Roundtable webinar Wednesday.

A program status assessment conducted early this year cited some of those concerns, including issues with the oversight of the Artemis program’s systems engineering work.

The reorganization created a new systems engineering and integration division within the HEO mission directorate. Marshall Smith oversees the SE&I division.

Tom Whitmeyer serves as acting head of the directorate’s exploration systems development division, while Mark Kirasich leads the advanced exploration systems division.

Phil McAlister is responsible for the commercial spaceflight development division, which now includes the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space and low Earth orbit commercialization. 

Benjamin Neumann manages the human spaceflight capabilities division, which covers human research programs and rocket propulsion testing efforts.

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