U.S. State Dept, Greece Partner for Joint S&T Pursuits

U.S. State Dept, Greece Partner for Joint S&T Pursuits
State Dept.

The U.S. and Greece have signed an agreement to jointly explore science and technology opportunities while protecting the intellectual property rights of inventors and researchers. 

Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, and Adonis Georgiadis, development and investments minister of Greece, signed the U.S.-Greece S&T Agreement at a ceremony held Monday.

The agreement allows both countries to better compete against threats in the Eastern Mediterranean region and expands U.S. access to foreign expertise.

Greece, a NATO ally, is home to Thessaloniki city's technology hub where U.S. companies, such as Cisco and Pfizer, seek to expand.

Tesla, meanwhile, is pursuing drive train-focused research and development activities in Athens. Google and other companies including Apple and Microsoft have supported COVID-19 response in Greece.

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