DHS Unveils Cybersecurity Tool for Mobile, IoT Devices; Vincent Sritapan Quoted

DHS Unveils Cybersecurity Tool for Mobile, IoT Devices; Vincent Sritapan Quoted
Mobility and Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has launched a software security tool that works to monitor, detect and eliminate attacks to internet of things devices without modifying source codes.

DHS said Monday its Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate partnered with Rockville, Maryland-based company Intelligent Automation to pilot the Trusted Mobile System (TrustMS) intended for protecting agency systems against known and “zero-day” cyber attacks.

TrustMS includes features for preventing the manipulation of information technology stacks, buffer flows and application codes. The tool also automatically monitors attacks and issues customized responses to prevent the infiltration of malicious actors.

“It will give mobile and embedded device owners and users peace of mind that their devices are safeguarded against zero-day attacks,” said Vincent Sritapan, program manager for mobile security research and development at S&T.

“It also will significantly strengthen the entire mobile ecosystem—from mobile devices to the software that provides functionality to the backend systems that empower mobility,” he added.

DHS envisions TrustMS to support a range of applications such as national defense systems, power and gas utilities and other infrastructure for critical sectors.

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