Klas Government Advances Voyager TRIK to Support Defense Communications; MajGen Mark Clark Quoted

Klas Government Advances Voyager TRIK to Support Defense Communications; MajGen Mark Clark Quoted
MajGen Mark Clark USMC - Ret.

Klas has launched Voyager TRIK to enable seamless sharing of information and communications over a variety of radio networks.  The company has integrated radios into the Voyager 8 chassis, leveraging innovative, custom-designed radio brackets that insert in an IP67 rated enclosure.

“Communications on the battlefield are critical to mission success across the spectrum from near peer competition, to gray zone conflict and humanitarian operations. The Voyager TRIK gives commanders better and more reliable communications,” said MajGen (Ret.) Mark Clark, USMC.

The radio brackets will enable simple integration of traditional radio network data into tactical networks used by military communicators. Since the release of the Voyager TRIK in 2016, Klas Government has advanced to the classic Voyager 8 as well as released a new battery-backed chassis and case, the Voyager 8 Plus.

Klas’ technical advancements will support the increased integration demand of manpack and handheld tactical radios with higher power requirements. In addition, Klas has integrated CISTECH Solutions’ software on the VoyagerEMm to complete a small form factor and rugged Radio over IP capability that’s compatible with the system.

The company has integrated multiple tactical radios into the Voyager TRIK, which has enabled users to ingest data from disparate networks, analyze data with Voyager network modules and disseminate data over Beyond Line-of-Sight and Line-of-Sight networks.

“[Voyager TRIK] gives units the size, weight power, simplicity, scalability and expeditionary requirements they seek and need, not only in a joint environment but in coalition and other governmental agencies as well.  No mission or condition is too difficult for the Voyager TRIK,” Clark added.

About Klas Government

Klas Government provides rugged, low size, weight and power (SWaP) deployable communications solutions to meet the needs of government and military communicators in any operational environment. The company enables customers to communicate in extreme environments by delivering tactical and executive communications systems specifically designed for ultimate flexibility, scalability and portability.

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