Pavilion Data Systems Expands HFA to Federal Agency; Michael Tanner Quoted

Pavilion Data Systems Expands HFA to Federal Agency; Michael Tanner Quoted
Michael Tanner Regional VP

Pavilion Data Systems has announced that a federal agency customer has expanded its deployment of the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA) to accelerate workflows throughout IBM Spectrum Scale environment, the company reported on Wednesday.

“The Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array enabled the organization to meet its stringent performance requirements, while simultaneously reducing the cost and complexity of its storage deployment,” said Michael Tanner, regional vice president and head of the Federal Business for Pavilion Data Systems.

Pavilion HFA has enabled the agency to safeguard American lives and property through the use of advanced analytics technology, while reducing the cost and complexity of their Spectrum Scale environment.

Pavilion has utilized Apache Spark and Nvidia GPUs to rapidly analyze vast amounts of data, using advanced AI-based algorithms to detect and eliminate threats. The Pavilion HFA has also allowed the agency to reduce the cost and footprint of other solutions.

In addition, the company’s solution has also reduced the management overhead associated with complex storage environments and opened compute resources that can be applied to critical application processing. “Our client’s workflows are critical to our nation’s security and they have demanding performance requirements,” Tanner added. 

About Pavilion

Pavilion Data Systems is the leader in the third wave of storage, delivering unmatched performance, density, and ultra-low latency at scale, without the cost and complexity of traditional storage. 

Pavilion enables global customers to shatter expectations today, tomorrow, and beyond by deploying storage solutions that scale linearly utilizing NVMe and NVMe-oF technology.

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