JAIC’s Lt. Gen. Michael Groen: More Computing Capacity Needed to Advance AI

JAIC’s Lt. Gen. Michael Groen: More Computing Capacity Needed to Advance AI
Lt. Gen. Michael Groen Director JAIC

Lt. Gen. Michael Groen, director of the Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, said he believes access to more computers and other resources could help JAIC accelerate efforts to exploit DoD’s large datasets and bring AI tools to warfighters faster, Nextgov reported Tuesday. 

“The cost is a limiting factor, certainly a limiting factor for the JAIC. And we don’t have that big of a budget,” Groen said. “We have a capacity issue, like how fast can we get to all of the people who need AI across the Department? We were going to run as fast as we can but our duty cycle is going to be… we’re going to be working out butts off.” 

Groen said he believes AI could help combatant commanders make decisions on the battlefield and transform DoD’s strategies, planning and operations. 

He said he expects incoming Pentagon leaders to continue to prioritize AI and see how the technology could transform operations. 

“I think with leadership from the top within the Department that’s really focused on: ‘Okay, we agree that artificial intelligence and information-age decision-making can really facilitate our transformation and it’s necessary.’ With leadership that’s focused like that, we’ll get to where we want to go,” Groen said.

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