Maj. Gen. Robert Skinner Confirmed for DISA Leadership Role

Maj. Gen. Robert Skinner Confirmed for DISA Leadership Role
Maj. Gen. Robert Skinner U.S. Air Force

Maj. Gen. Robert Skinner has received Senate confirmation to lead the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) as director, succeeding Vice Adm. Nancy Norton, Air Force Magazine reported Monday.

He will rank up to lieutenant general for the role through which he will lead efforts to protect the Department of Defense’s (DoD) enterprise infrastructure and operate joint command-and-control functions.

Skinner will return to DISA after concluding his tenure with U.S. Indo-Pacific Command as director for command, control, communications and cyber. He formerly functioned as DISA chief of staff, a role he held for over half a year.

The DISA director-to-be will concurrently serve as commander of the Joint Force Headquarters—DoD Information Network. JFHQ DODIN oversees cybersecurity matters relevant to DoD’s information technology infrastructure and connected devices.

Skinner joined the military in 1989 and went on to take up various communications- and software-related work at the U.S. Air Force.

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