NAVSEA’s Mike Sydla on Using OTAs, Emerging Tech to Modernize Operations

NAVSEA’s Mike Sydla on Using OTAs, Emerging Tech to Modernize Operations
IT Modernization

Mike Sydla, division director for information management resources at U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command’s industrial operations division, has said the command is working to implement a “digital first” mindset, Federal News Network reported Thursday.

Sydla told the publication in an interview that NAVSEA has been leveraging other transaction authority agreements and migrating workloads to the cloud. He added that his office is utilizing artificial intelligence and modernizing key applications in addition to purchasing data analytics technologies for employees to improve decision-making.

Such information technology modernization initiatives are meant to help the command better maintain its submarine, carrier and ship assets, said Sydla.

“Where we have focused my team and end users is on what is the output we need,” he said. “If we need a tool that does planning, we looked at the tools that we have and asked, ‘does it do what we need it to do today? And what would be better.’”

“The vision really is, if we do this right, to move away from that traditional IT project manager into what you see in the private sector, a digital product manager.”

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