New Army PEO Directorate Focuses on Program Integration

New Army PEO Directorate Focuses on Program Integration
U.S. Army

The U.S. Army has established a new directorate that will focus on program integration standards, future threat analysis and technology collaboration across the service branch, C4ISRnet reported Tuesday.

The service's Program Executive Office for Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors now has a new integration-focused directorate with three sub-offices.

The first one, labeled “Futures,” will tackle threat analysis, technology transitions and the integration of testing activities into multidomain operations and other programs.

The second one, “Architectures," will work on standards that guide integration between different programs. The last office will work to foster collaboration between PEO IEW&S and other Army organizations.

Christian Keller, who has spearheaded Army projects on aerial intelligence sensors, will lead the directorate.

“We have [a] very complex system-of-systems environment we’re dealing with,” Keller said. “We have various sensor capabilities out there, which have to interface to ground stations and may have to interface to various users, both maneuver wise and fires wise and everything like that.”

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