OMB Updates Guidelines for New Internet Protocol Adoption; Russell Vought Quoted

OMB Updates Guidelines for New Internet Protocol Adoption; Russell Vought Quoted
Russell Vought OMB Director

The Office of Management and Budget has released an updated guidance on the federal government's implementation of internet protocol version 6 (IPv6).

OMB now tasks agencies to prepare an IPv6-exclusive infrastructure, assign an integrated project team for IPv6 implementation, issue an agency-wide IPv6 policy, identify pilot program opportunities and complete an IPv6 implementation plan by the end of fiscal year 2021, OMB Director Russell Vought said in a memorandum posted Thursday.

The guidance also calls for agencies to work with external partners and update public-facing servers and online services in preparation for the implementation.

IPv6 replaces the existing IPv4 and reduces costs associated with service life extension and maintenance of the older IP.

"As information technology continues to evolve toward mobile platforms, internet of things and wireless networks, IPv6 growth will continue to accelerate," Vought wrote in the memorandum.

The new version's implementation would also help the government pursue future innovation and align with other organizations.

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