Pentagon Officials on Use of AI, Machine Learning at Tactical Edge; Alan Hansen Quoted

Pentagon Officials on Use of AI, Machine Learning at Tactical Edge; Alan Hansen Quoted
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Department of Defense (DoD) officials highlighted at various events the capability of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies to automate the decision-making process for warfighters at the tactical edge, Nextgov reported Thursday. 

Alan Hansen, chief of intelligence systems and processing at the U.S. Army’s Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate, cited the immediate need for AI, machine learning and other technologies at the edge.  

“The ability to take something on the very far edge where it needs natural language processing, or some forms of I say situational awareness of intent of beyond what's in front of them and have an ML trying to provide a better decision-making process on the edge of the battlespace to inform, I think those things are needed today,” Hansen said Thursday at a Booz Allen Hamilton event. 

Col. Charles Destefani, chief data architect at the U.S. Air Force’s chief data office, said he has used natural language processing in exercises to collect and put data, voice streams and text into a common platform for analysis and help facilitate the decision-making process for battlefield commanders.

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