Raytheon Technologies Business Enters Alliance with C3.ai to Develop AI Solutions

Raytheon Technologies Business Enters Alliance with C3.ai to Develop AI Solutions

C3.ai and Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business, have entered an alliance to develop artificial intelligence solutions (AI) for aerospace and defense missions, such as the U.S. Air Force and Intelligence Community (IC), C3.ai reported on Monday. 

“Raytheon and C3.ai represent key partners for the U.S. Air Force, and specifically the Rapid Sustainment Office, in realizing the vision of harnessing AI to transform the military into a digital organization,” said Nathan Parker, deputy program executive officer for the Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office. 

Under the alliance, the companies will work to identify applicable use cases for AI, pilot solutions and scale successes across the enterprise to accelerate transformation. Raytheon Intelligence & Space and C3.ai will also help the military adopt new technology.

“Artificial intelligence can be used to help them make sense of that data, which will allow them to make smarter decisions faster on the battlefield,” said David Appel, vice president of Defense & Civil Solutions at Space & C2 Systems for Raytheon Intelligence & Space. 

In addition, the alliance will combine Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s expertise in aerospace and defense with C3.ai’s AI development abilities and applications to fast-track the delivery of new tools.

“Raytheon and C3.ai are driven by similar purposes: Anticipating and solving our customers’ most difficult problems,” said Thomas Siebel, CEO of C3.ai. “Together, we offer an end-to-end enterprise AI platform and mission-tailored applications that will dramatically reduce cost and risk, accelerate adoption and deployment of AI solutions, and scale the impact of AI across any organization.”

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