US Army, Howard University Introduce AI Research Hub

US Army, Howard University Introduce AI Research Hub
Artificial Intelligence

The U.S. Army partnered with Howard University to launch a facility that will study and develop artificial intelligence-based technologies for multidomain military operations and civilian applications.

The Howard University Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will introduce scholarships for science, technology, engineering and mathematics as part of the Army corporate laboratory's efforts to grow its workforce, the service branch said Monday.

The facility will explore the fundamentals of trustworthy approaches, infrastructure for AI research and development efforts as well as AI applications for the Department of Defense (DoD). The center will be led by Howard’s Prof. Danda B. Rawat, professor of computer science and director of Howard’s Data Science & Cybersecurity Center.

"Diversity of science and diversity of the future S&T talent base go hand-in-hand in this new and exciting partnership," said Brian Sadler, senior research scientist for intelligent systems at the Army.

DoD invested $7.5 million for the research center.

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