Air Force Uses Cyber Training Environment to Develop Team-Based ‘Cyber Valhalla’ Exercise

Air Force Uses Cyber Training Environment to Develop Team-Based ‘Cyber Valhalla’ Exercise
NSA-CISA-FBI-UK NCSC Cybersecurity Advisory

The U.S. Air Force’s 341st Cyberspace Operations Squadron has deployed the Persistent Cyber Training Environment to help design an unclassified exercise to train airmen on offensive cyber operations, C4ISRnet reported Saturday.

The Cyber Valhalla exercises began in 2019 and are slated to include a third day this year. Participants will fall under teams of 11 to 12 individuals with designated roles such as intelligence personnel, on-keyboard operators and analysts.

Teams will work against a simulated cyberattack as part of the exercise’s culminating event. this year. The exercise’s developers created 1,000 intelligence injects as well as mock emails and documents for the event, according to the report.

“We have malware throughout the network, we have botnets that are running. We have different types of exploits that they are going to have to throw,” Master Sgt. Christopher Boutin, exploitation analyst at the Air Force, told C4ISRNET. 

“Our operators are going to have to scan, identify vulnerabilities, use the appropriate exploit, once they’re in, collect the reasonable intel or wherever that intel is going to be, and move on.”

Officials have noted that the training an exercise team at the Cyber National Mission Force partnered with the Air Force to provide input on Cyber Valhalla, according to C4ISRnet.

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