Gen. Charles Brown on Addressing Air Force Readiness, Program Funding

Gen. Charles Brown on Addressing Air Force Readiness, Program Funding
Gen. Charles Brown Chief of Staff U.S. Air Force

Gen. Charles Brown, chief of staff at the U.S. Air Force, has said he intends to establish a “force presentation model” to visualize the service branch's long-term readiness projections, National Defense Magazine reported Wednesday.

Brown said at a virtual Air Force Association symposium that the model is also meant to provide insight into the impact of deployments in modernization efforts.

Brown, who launched his “Accelerate Change or Lose” strategic vision last year, previously directed an effort to review the Air Force's portfolio of tactical aircraft. The study is slated to run over the coming months and support the development of budget proposals for fiscal year 2023 onwards.

Data and analysis, as well as engagement with Congress, will help the Air Force in its decision-making on program funds, he noted.

“This is something we’ve got to do better and be able to articulate that as we engage with all of our key stakeholders internal to the Air Force, inside of the Pentagon, with our congressional members and staffs, and then also with our industry partners as well,” said Brown.

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