Akima Subsidiary Appraised at CMMI V2.0 Level 3; Juvy McCarthy Quoted

Akima Subsidiary Appraised at CMMI V2.0 Level 3; Juvy McCarthy Quoted

Akima announced on Monday that its subsidiary company Tuvli was appraised at maturity level 3 on the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration Version 2.0 (CMMI V2.0) for information technology (IT) services. 

“Helping our federal customers achieve success is our mission, and this rating demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality results,” commented Juvy McCarthy, president of Akima’s technology solutions and products group. 

CMMI V2.0 is a multi-level improvement and appraisal program used to analyze companies’ internal processes and service quality. A CMMI appraisal aims to provide a company with the essential elements of effective techniques to improve performance over time.  There are five CMMI maturity levels, with the fifth as the most prestigious. They are in first to fifth order ‘initial’, ‘managed’, ‘defined’, ‘quantitatively managed’ and ‘optimizing.’  

Tuvli’s appraisal at maturity level 3 or ‘defined’ demonstrated that its processes were well characterized and understood and are described in standards, procedures, tools, and methods. The ‘defined’ designation also illustrated that Tuvli’s standard processes are established and approved over time. 

The appraisal was performed by Integrated Quality Corporation (IQ) and used its experience in IT infrastructure implementation to decide on the level 3 CMMI designation. “Obtaining this appraisal is a significant milestone for Tuvli. I am extremely proud of our team and their dedication to continuous improvement,” concluded McCarthy. 

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