DOJ Updates Annual Report Data Tool on Freedom of Information Act Website

DOJ Updates Annual Report Data Tool on Freedom of Information Act Website
Department of Justice

The Department of Justice has updated the Annual Report Data page on the Freedom of Information Act website and uploaded all fiscal year 2020 FOIA reports prepared by 119 agencies onto the online platform.

DOJ said Tuesday annual reports show that agencies received 790,772 FOIA requests and processed 772,952 of those requests in the previous fiscal year. The department’s office for information policy is working on a summary of annual FOIA reports submitted by agencies for FY 2020.

The updated data page combines into a single interface the Basic and Advanced Report functions to allow the public to collect governmentwide data, search individual agency and data points in annual FOIA reports since FY 2008 and compare information from several agencies.

DOJ introduced FOIA .gov in 2011 to serve as a dashboard for all agencies’ data related to their annual FOIA reports. In compliance with the law, federal agencies and departments submit each year a report to the attorney general providing details about the number of received and processed FOIA requests, the duration of processing those requests and other data regarding their FOIA activities. 

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